Tipperary Dew: Collected Stories by C.P. Riley Jr.

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Softcover, $15.00, 134 pp. 6×9″
ISBN: 978-1-937721-32-9, 2016

Tipperary Dew

Collected Stories
by C.P. Riley Jr.

The phone is ringing…is that Heaven calling?

C.P. Riley Jr. has a way with words. He spins tales of intrigue and fantasy, convincing readers that they can take a pill to learn a new language. These stories take readers from London to Lowell to meet the wily Neil Bell—part chemist, part 007—who lives on the edge, turning up in the most unexpected places. The pragmatic Bell uses his position as a chemist for the betterment of mankind as well as for profit.

With his trademark insight and humor, Riley deftly presents an Old World approach to patriotism in the 1890s, along with the fine art of union negotiation in the 20th century. His fiction settles in nicely alongside thoughtful essays that explore the lives of friends and family.

Readers will come to know his love of golf, as well as his love of a good Scotch paired with an interesting conversation. Riley’s adopted home, the seaside community of Rye, NH, is at the heart of this collection, and the beauty of Rye beach beguiles us as surely as his well-told tales.

About the Author

C. P. Riley, Jr. studied for two degrees in chemistry. After service in the Air Force during the Korean War, he worked in the chemical industry for thirty-eight years in research and production management. He was granted six U.S. and five foreign patents in the chemical field. He is the father of three children and grandfather to eleven, and lives in retirement on the seacoast in New Hampshire. He is also the author of Low On Fuel: Collected ­Stories, published in 2009. Tipperary Dew is his second book.