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Something There Is

Seeking a Rational Faith for our Children

by David Sayre

Readers’ Comments

What is the shape of faith today? . . . In one of the more brilliant essays of our time, David Sayre helps us understand what our greatest artists hinted at. . .what our best scientists came to understand.”

Robert Cotner, Editor, The Caxtonian

“The whole book is marvelously written and its structure, in the form of individual letters, makes it highly readable.”

—Gwilym Trefor Jones, Professor, School of Education, Bangor Campus, University of Wales

This autobiographical odyssey seeks in places of great striving a “rational faith”—one true to both our highest religious ideas and our advancing sciences. As founder of both charitable and technical businesses, author David Sayre leads us to places of the greatest despair and the greatest power on earth. There we meet amazing examples of good and evil, interwoven with contemporary scientists’ own searches for meaning, explaining faith and love, truth and life, time and order and beauty. The things we hold sacred are real, after all.

About the Author

David Sayre is a father of five children and five businesses, and has been chairman of many non-profit organizations. These have led him to the unusual places and encounters from which these letters are written. An engineer and entrepreneur, the author has led advances in the technologies of telecommunications and energy services for thirty years. He is the author of The Great Improbability (Peter E. Randall Publisher, 2010) a novel, and Flatland (Two Little Birds, 2014), a children’s book illustrated by Rebecca Emberley. Visit the author website: davidsayre.com