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$18.00, 5.5 x8 hardcover, 128 pages, Meditation/Spirituality

Meditations on God, Guru, Self

by Sanatani Joyce Prescott

Reading Meditations on GOD, GURU, SELF beckons one to enter the heart. Within this small book are 101 meditations exploring the personal relationship that can be experienced with God, the Guru, and one’s own inner Self. The devotional nature of the writing captivates the mind which releases feelings within one’s heart. Each meditation stands on its own with an explanation and then ends with a poem. There are a number of subjects discussed, such as: God, The Guru, The Seeker, Meditation, Mantra, Courage, Contemplation, Love and Worship.

There is power and wisdom in Sanatani Prescott’s words. This is a natural outcome of her commitment in performing spiritual practices for 37 years. Sanatani received spiritual initiation from her Guru in 1975. Following that inner awakening, she studied and imbibed the spiritual practices and teachings. Incorporating these new found yet ancient practices into her daily life, Sanatani found her inner life expanding and deepening. This occurred in a natural way as she raised her family while working and participating in her community. This book is an invitation to explore and share ­Sanatani’s insights and inspirations.

About the Author

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, I spent most of my adult life in Massachusetts, where I raised three wonderful sons. After high school I attended Rhode Island School of Design for over a year. My work career was as a secretary/administrative assistant. The most important roles I played were being a mother and a spiritual seeker/student. In 1975 I experienced an inner awakening through the grace of my beloved Guru. This spiritual initiation has created tremendous inner transformation; meditation and yoga practices have been an integral part of my life since then. I am grateful that I continue to learn enthusiastically. Family and friends have always been a tremendous gift. Throughout my life drawing and painting were a natural way to express myself; writing has come later. I presently live in New Hampshire with my dear husband, delightful animals, and beautiful trees!