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$39.95, Fine Art Photography/Environmental Paperback, 12 x 9, 224 pages, 159 color images
ISBN: 978-1-931807-86-9
To order copies visit HowieGarber.com Proceeds from this book will benefit organizations working on clean air, wilderness, and protection of natural areas in the Wasatch.

Utah’s Wasatch Range: Four Season Refuge
25 years of Photographs

by Howie Gerber

With Essays from Visionaries inspired by these mountains: Stephen Trimble, Mayor Ralph Becker, Rep. Jim Matheson, Alexis Kelner, Sarah Bennett, Brooke Williams, Andrew McLean, Gale Dick, Jeff Niermeyer, Bill Parry, Joan Degiorgio, Allison Jones, Jim Steenburgh, Zach Frankel, Peter Metcalf, Brad Barber, Tom Wharton, Carl Fisher, Rick Reese, Brooke Hopkins, Peggy Battin, Jen Clancy

Find out how Salt Lake City watershed has become the Gaza strip of powder skiing! Learn more about Salt Lake City’s ownership of water coming out of the mountains and how this protection has resulted in superb water quality and allowed diverse recreation activities for millions of residents and visitors.

Through the words and photos of local writers, skiers, environmentalists and business owners, Utah’s Wasatch Range details why maintaining a balance of nature and development is so essential in this region. Left undefended, this tiny mountain range in northern Utah is in danger of being developed into extinction. After reading the essays and savoring the photos within, you will understand why so many people are passionate about preserving this special place for future generations to enjoy.

About the Author

HOWIE GARBER is a professional fine arts and nature photographer. He has lived in Salt Lake City since 1972. Howie’s interest in photography started in 1969 when he took a “History of Photography” class while at the University of Rochester. He remained an amateur for many years. At age 39, he traveled to Nepal, his first trip outside North America, and shot 40 rolls of film while trekking for a month. This convinced him to spend more time with his cameras. While traveling in South America during 1990, his wanderlust was rewarded with an incredible stroke of luck. On his birthday, he was picked up while hitch-hiking by a Brazilian biologist who was doing jaguar research. Experiencing the wonder of observing wildlife in natural habitats was an incentive to improve his photography skills and start a second profession. Since then he has traveled and photographed on 7 continents including China, Bhutan, Patagonia, Peru, Antarctica, Brazil, Kenya, England, Alaska, Australia and Switzerland. He often returns to the same locations.