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$14.95, 8 x 10, hardcover, 400 pages, full color images, index
ISBN: 978-1-931807-71-5
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Retirement Readiness: Creating Your Vision, Knowing Your Position, & Preparing for Your Future

by Mike Bonacorsi

Readers’ Comments

“A book…for everyone who is contemplating retirement in the coming years. The earlier the better! It is an easy read for those who find planning for life and finances a challenge. He brings the subject down to basics in a form understandable to all of us baby-boomers and beyond.”

Hardy Hasenfuss, Certified Retirement Coach

“Retirement Readiness is a must read‚ whether you’re retiring this year or years from now. In his direct, down to earth style, Mike has written an easy to understand guide that cuts through the maze of retirement information and puts you in control of your future. Buy it, read it, work it and you’ll be prepared to really enjoy life after your 9 to 5.”

—Judith Rutty Godfrey, Certified Coach, author, Never Have Another Bad Day

Mike Bonacorsi CFP wrote this interactive title as a precursor to, and tool for, successful retirement planning. Over more than twenty years of retirement and investment planning, Bonacorsi has seen clients who have already made the leap into retirement without any real direction or thought. They want a lifestyle that does not match up with their finances, or they make decisions based on what may or may not be working for someone else. This readable guide uses anecdotes, and end of chapter questions, to jumpstart the process of retirement visioning and create focus for the dreams and goals of the retirement years.

About the Author

Mike Bonacorsi is a Certified Financial Planner, author, and public speaker. He is a current member of the Financial Planning Association. His unique style of combining sound financial advice with humor is effective with clients from all walks of life. He leads an active lifestyle, with golf and competitive ballroom dancing as two of his interests. He lives in Nashua, New Hampshire.