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Published in November, 1997

390 pages, 6.5″ x 9.75″, clothbound

ISBN: 0914339-63-X


Crawford’s Horn Winding

A biographical novel about Ethan Allen Crawford
and his wife, Lucy, of Crawford Notch

by Helen R. Mann

Here is the vivid story of a couple and their family who faced a rugged wilderness with dignity, courage, and faith. Now this adventure is brought to life for readers, both young and old, who will learn about a fascinating era in the history of New Hampshire.

About The Book:

One of New Hampshire’s most engaging stores from the early nineteenth century is the saga of Ethan Allen Crawford and his wife, Lucy. From their isolated farm just north of today’s Crawford Notch, this sturdy couple eked out a living amidst floods, fires, storms, and continual financial difficulties.

Despite their problems, this couple, along with Ethan’s father and brother pioneered the White Mountain tourist industry. From their inn not far from today’s Mount Washington Hotel, Ethan and Lucy first hosted drovers and freight haulers, rugged men who traveled the rough mountain roads between the North Country and Portland, Maine.

Perceiving that recreational travelers might appreciate the spectacular scenery of the mountains, the Crawfords advertised their inn in Boston newspapers and built the first trails up Mt. Washington. Soon tourists came to stay with the Crawfords and were guided through the mountains by Ethan. Lucy cooked and ran the farm while her husband was off with the visitors.

Lucy wrote of their experiences in her now classic History of the White Mountains, an important book which has been in print almost continuously since it was published in 1845.

Using Lucy’s valuable book along with correspondence from the Crawford’s descendants, and research in archives and libraries, Helen Mann has woven a fascinating tale about the life and times of this near legendary couple. Mixing a few fictional characters with real people, the author brings to life the residents of the White Mountains in a manner that only a novelist can produce.