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Chronicles of Hope, The Anquietas, Book 1

by Lois Hermann
with Gary Scott


Our world today is experiencing escalating and intense levels of catastrophic assaults on humanity, our animal kingdom, and our planet. Chronicles of Hope lays the foundation to circumvent this downward spiral of negativity in our world. What if you could raise the consciousness of humanity, develop and magnify positive energies, and alter the course of the universe as we know it to promote spiritual learning and healing?

In Chronicles of Hope, an unlikely source reveals how to expand positive energy and foster hope to save humanity, our world, and our planet. It details how each of us can contribute to reverse these negative energies, before hope is irretrievable.

Readers’ Comments

“Your book is a mesmerizing journey of deep reflection challenging traditional, personal, and societal beliefs. People who are spiritually oriented will find this book to be revolutionary. It is well worth the time and energy to help individuals and others, both to read and to

—Albert J. Marotta, MA, CHT, Transpersonal Hypnotist

Chronicles of Hope shows us that it is possible to begin the positive shift toward wellness, for better health, both for our collective cultures and the planet.”

—Dr. Laura Chan, ND and LAc

“I’m so grateful to see this timeless message coming to us as a new language. This call challenges us to transform ourselves and our world. We need to inject this truth into our existence as we are guided through this important healing work.”

—Kenneth Beaupre, LMHC

About the Author

Lois Hermann is a Board Certified Hypnotist and Instructor, Reiki Master-teacher, multi-registered medical professional, success coach, and professional speaker. She has decades of experience in medical and holistic modalities. Visit www.chroniclesofhope.net to learn more.