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Top Notch Stories

by Regnall S. Dinsmore


This book, Top Notch Stories, is a random collection of short outdoor stories written by Reg. Disnmore in the 1920s and 1930s that appeared in such magazines as Blue Book, North Woods, Fur Fish and Game, Outdoor Stories, and Five Novels to name a few.There are some 100 stories written by him that would sometimes feature a dog, an Indian, a trapper, a lumberjack, an airplane, a young lady, and a bad man. There are only 14 appearing in this collection that have been included because they were able to be digitized for publication and they had some relevance to the Oxford Hill region of Maine as well as the Canadian wilderness.They were all written in a small log cabin on the eastern shores of Lake Penneseewassee in Norway, Maine, on the Dinsmore property that was bought in 1839 by Reg’s grandfather, Ansel Dinsmore.

About the Author

Reg was a carpenter most of his life, building and remodeling camps and homes in the Oxford County area. But when carpentry work was thin, he would take to writing short stories for publication. He submitted most of his stories to the Saturday Evening Post, which was a very popular magazine back in the mid-1900s. But he got them all back unpublished. This is an effort to reintroduce the author, Reg Dinsmore, to the reading public, especially in the Norway, Maine, area.