The YoYo and The Piggy Bank by Susan Thoresen, illustrated by Keith Eveland

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Hardcover $16.95, full color, 40pages, 10×8, 5-9 yrs
ISBN 978-1-942155-05-8

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The YoYo and The Piggy Bank

by Susan Thoresen, illustrated by Keith Eveland

Readers’ Comments

“The Yoyo and the Piggy Bank is an educational picturebook designed to teach children about the basics of earning, counting, and saving money in a piggy bank. Young Anna wants to buy a special purple yoyo from Mr. Jones’ store, but she doesn’t have the money; what to do? Her mother shows her that she can earn money to buy the things she wants! Anna does simple jobs like walking the neighbor’s dog, raking Grandpa’s lawn, and helping her mother clean the kitchen. In the process, she learns how much the different types of coins in her piggy bank (penny, dime, nickel, quarter, half-dollar, and dollar coin) are worth. The Yoyo and the Piggy Bank has a fair amount of text for a picturebook; it’s recommended that parents or teachers read aloud and share the story with little ones, as an excellent ‘penny wise’ lesson!”

— Midwest Book Review, July 2015

“I welcome [The Yoyo and the Piggy Bank] and the lessons within—it sweetens the joy of yoyo’ing, as it teaches us how to accomplish a goal. It does a marvelous job illustrating this valuable lesson.”

—Rae Dawn Chong, Actress, Writer, Producer

“An entertaining look at multiple aspects of financial lessons that kids can easily grasp; it’s also a good resource for any organization using financial literacy education to ensure a brighter future for all children.”

—Claudia Hellebush, President & CEO, United Way of Chester County, PA

“Primary aged children will certainly be entertained by this story as they learn about financial responsibility!”

—Sandra Carey, Retired Master Teacher

About the Book

A young girl learns about financial goal-setting as she does chores and saves coins in a piggy bank to buy her first yoyo.

Anna’s pal Jackson dazzles her with his bright-green yoyo, inspiring Anna to buy her own. But how? Anna’s mother encourages her to earn the money herself, providing Anna with an heirloom piggy bank for saving (and rattling!) her coins. Neighbors offer paying chores and teach Anna some wicked tricks for the sparkly purple yoyo she wants from Mr. Jones’s store. The colorful illustrations capture the joy Anna feels earning her coins, learning about money, and shaking her humongous piggy bank as she nears her goal.

About the Author

Susan Werner Thoresen has educated groups of all ages on financial literacy—as a cable TV host, school board member, planning consultant and financial adviser. She enjoyed the mentorship of Else Holmelund Minarik, author of the Little Bear books, and received a National Endowment of the Humanities fellowship at the University of Iowa. She is a graduate of Smith College and Syracuse Unversity, MPA. Sue and her husband Bob live in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and have two children and four grandchildren who were born after the third draft of this book!