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$14.95, 6 x 9, softcover, 104 pages, 25 sketches
ISBN: 978-1-942155-51-5
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Publication date: November 22, 2022

The Adventures of Bobby and Jimmy!

by Bob Lister
Illustrated by Gordon Carlisle

Has anyone ever dared you to eat an ant sandwich? Have you ever built a raft or looked out the window of your tree house to see for miles?  Have you ever seen a snake in the school cafeteria? Remember when time was endless and the days were filled with imagination and outdoor adventures with your friends?  Bobby and Jimmy, and their dog Puggy, are all about endless adventure and mischief. We dare you to read all about it!

Readers’ Comments

“Sometimes Bobby and Jimmy make mistakes. Sometimes their brilliant schemes turn out to be very bad ideas. But they find fun in all of it—from apples to ants, turtles to treasure, camp outs to tractor rides. Full of heart and humor, these stories will keep young readers turning the pages. And guess what, they may also inspire parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles to share stories of their own childhood antics and adventures. Yippee!”

—Rebecca Rule, children’s author and storyteller

Lister’s stories of his youth had my kindergarteners (and me) giggling with laughter. We couldn’t wait to hear more. These childhood adventures are reminiscent of a time when children rode their bicycles to school and hurried home to play outside. Bobby and Jimmy are a dynamic duo that you don’t want to miss!

—Janine Bibeau, kindergarten and first grade teacher, Little Otters Program

The lovely illustrations place readers in the time and place of the stories… A collection of quintessential New England stories in the realm of Aldrich’s A Story of a Bad Boy that will help children develop empathy, use their imaginations and seek their own adventures in the great outdoors!

—Gretyl Macalaster, youth services librarian and freelance writer.”

“Captures the innocent yet adventurous spirit of childhood. Bob Lister paints a clear picture of childhood life before cell phones, iPads, and other screens… The mischievous ways of Bobby and Jimmy are a great example of the kind of healthy risk-taking that builds resilience and confidence in kids growing up.”

—Jen Zadravec, middle school teacher & Steve Zadravec, superintendent of schools

About the Author

Bob Lister (Bobby) is a former teacher and superintendent of schools with experience working with students at all levels. His invitations from classroom teachers provided opportunities to read to students and for storytelling which has always been important to him as an educator. His childhood experiences with his cousin Jimmy were the inspiration for this chapter book, The Adventures of Bobby and Jimmy. These stories were first introduced to his two sons, Joshua and Nathaniel, as bedtime stories when they were very young. Today, his grandchildren have heard many of these mischief-filled adventures of two eight-year-old boys and their favorite companion Puggy.

Bob lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, with his wife Cindy and enjoys traveling, woodworking, gardening, reading, and involvement in the community. He is always busy and likes to say, “Every day is an adventure.”