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$14.00, 5 x 8 paperback
ISBN: 978-1-937721-06-0
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Marissa the Forest Spirit

by Nancy Donovan, illustrated by Pat DeGrandpre

Marissa the rag doll has lived snuggled between the roots of an old oak tree for so long she has become a forest spirit. Her face and body have turned green. Her ears are now pointed like leaves. Her hair looks like a tangle of vines with purple berries.

Children having a picnic discover her. Marissa surprises them by speaking. She offers to tell them her life story. Magical things happen.

About the Author

Nancy Donovan is a writer of children’s stories, a poet and a potter. Her book, Oscar The Herring Gull, is in bookstores, toy stores and historical places on the New Hampshire seacoast. Her poems are included in three anthologies published by the New Hampshire Poetry Society. Her books and pottery are also available at Just Us Chickens artist co-op in Kittery ME. Nancy may be contacted at beachtreeatthec@comcast.net.

Author Website: nancydonovanauthor.com

About the Illustrator

Pat DeGrandpre lives in Kittery Point, Maine surrounded by the woods and nature that inform her art and passion for the environment.