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11.25″ x 8.75″, softcover, 300 pages with 11 x 8 1/2 trim. 300 illus. foldout map

ISBN: 0914339656

Publication date: January 1, 2002

Cross-Grained & Wily Waters

A Guide to the Piscataqua Maritime Region

by: W. Jeffrey Bolster, Editor


The historic sites and nearly pristine estuary of the Piscataqua region represent a mixture of heritage and nature unparalleled in New England. They are worth preserving. For centuries the Piscataqua region was an extended maritime community connected by the Great Bay Estuary, the short seacoast of New Hampshire and southern Maine, and the seven tributary rivers that fortify the Piscataqua River itself. Moving water shaped the region–under its vessels, at its mills, and across its marshes. Carrying the freight of our history, and holding out the promise of community-based conservation, this book (and these waters) invite you on a journey of exploration and renewal. Join the naturalists, fishermen ,and historic preservationists who have all felt the pull of this place, and who wish to sustain it in the face of the headlong development consuming America today.


“Rich with insight and delight, this is the indispensable guide to the region’s intertwined natural and human histories, and a potent device for choosing the best of its possible futures.” Dennis A. O’Toole (Ph.D., Former President and CEO of Strawbery Banke Museum, and President of the American Association for State and Local History)

“This book is so readable and so beautifully laid out that you should not overlook the fine scholarship at its root. There has never been a better book about the Piscataqua and the Great Bay. If you love someone, get them this book.” Fritz Wetherbee (former television host of “New Hampshire Crossroads”)

About the Author

W. Jeffrey Bolster is Associate Professor of History at the University of New Hampshire, and author of Black Jacks: African American Seamen in the Age of Sail.