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ISBN: 978-1-942155-70-6

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Appreciating Other Cultures: Forty Five Years of Travel Adventures

by Lindsay Schnabel

Illustrations by John Coles

About the Book

Appreciating Other Cultures is a journey into different Asian, and a few African, cultures through the eyes and experiences of the author in less traveled countries. In each country the author looks for a way to find an inroad beyond the regular tourist route, trying to meet the people and understand their customs, looking for similarities, advantages as well as their culinary habits, and of course experience the particular beauty of each country. Travel can be a learning experience but also break away barriers and a chance to open dialogues between cultures, and a tool to create an understanding between those cultures.

About the Author

Lindsay Schnabel grew up in a small New England town with her sibling, John Coles, an artist and illustrator of the front and back covers of this book. Lindsay started her geographical roaming when she joined a tuberculosis control program with the Peace Corps in Bolivia. Upon termination of her contract in South America, she married a German Peace Corps volunteer and moved to Germany. In looking for a job where she could learn German, she ended up in the travel indus- try before computers did most of the work and communication was still by phone.

Lindsay moved back to New England with her son in the 1980s. She invested forty-five years in the travel industry, unable to give up her habit of roaming. Always a notetaker, she never considered or made time to discover her passion for writing before her early seventies. With her notes in hand from her last decade of her adventures in Asia and Africa, she embarked upon Appreciating Other Cultures.

She would like to return to India soon, as she’s run out of a special curry for seafood, or maybe to Sri Lanka for their unique pepper.