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Enfield, New Hampshire 1761-2000:
The History of a Town Influenced by the Shakers

Edited by Nancy Blanchard Sanborn
Compiled by the Enfield Historical Society

Enfield, New Hampshire, 1761-2000, The History of a Town Influenced by the Shakers, is the long awaited first compiled history of the Town of Enfield, New Hampshire. Located along Mascoma Lake in the Upper Connecticut River Valley region, the town was chartered in 1761 and presents an interesting study in the effects on a community of eighteenth-century growth and the period of industrial expansion. It also recounts the impact and influence on the politics and development of a village from the Shaker community located within its bounds.

Underwritten by the Enfield Historical Society, providing the first definitive history of the town was the vision of its historian, Marjorie A. Carr, and enthusiastically supported by the members of the Society. Written by more than twenty-seven Society members and edited by Nancy Blanchard Sanborn and Marjorie A. Carr, the book includes narratives, stories, biographies, photographs and maps of the community; and the importance significant events had on defining Enfield as a town.

The authors have traced the history of the town from its conception through the growth periods following the Civil War and the Industrial Revolution to the present, concentrating primarily on the period between 1761 and 1945. Stories and the establishment of the businesses and social fabric of the community are interwoven with anecdotes from residents of the time intended to make the work interesting as well as informative reading.

The book is chronological and includes thirteen chapters devoted to such topics as the establishment of charters, growth of agriculture and business in the several hamlets created within the town, and the importance of the available waterpower to business development. It also chronicles the influence of the coming of the Northern Railroad and the importance of the Enfield Shaker Community upon the town. 

More than ten years in preparation, this publication is the first history of the Town of Enfield, written by its people for those interested in the evolution of the history of a small New Hampshire community.


The history of the town of Enfield has taken in excess of a decade to complete. It covers Enfield from its incorporation in 1761 to the near present. Although many areas of interest have been included, some subjects are not discussed due to time, complexity of issue and overall volume size. The reader should realize that this book is not a definitive history of Enfield, nor was it intended to be. Rather it is a beginning.

—Marjorie A. Carr, Town Historian

Contact for price, 370 pages, illustrated, full-color printed endleaves, 7x10 hard cover

ISBN- 978-1-931807-50-0

Ordering Information

Contact Enfield Historical Society, PO Box 612, Enfield, NH 03748

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