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In the Heroic Age of Basil II Emperor Of Byzantium

In the Heroic Age of Basil II
Emperor of Byzantium

by Penelope Delta
translated by Ruth Bobick

In the year 1004, at the height of the medieval Byzantine Empire, two Greek youths become swept up in Basil II's legendary war with the Bulgarians. One--Constantine--is heroic and fearless; the other--Michael--more sensitive and vulnerable. Both are attracted to a mysterious girl they meet in the mountains of Macedonia under conditions of intrigue and danger. Also integral to the suspense-filled plot are a daring but elusive spy, a monk searching for his father and an orphaned child, a Bulgarian general torn between his country and his Greek wife, and the galvanizing figure of Basil, Emperor of Byzantium, set against his arch enemy Tsar Samuel of Bulgaria. As the drama unfolds and rises to a moving climax, fateful questions emerge about spying, about sacrifice, and about war itself. Now a classic in Greece, the novel has universal appeal--and its compelling story seems especially relevant today.

About the Author

One of the most interesting personalities of modern Greece, Penelope Delta has inspired generations of youth with her historical novels full of adventure and heroism, of personal courage and commitment. In focusing upon the Byzantine past in the "heroic age of Basil II," she helped resurrect a fascinating and neglected period of Greek history. And her epic Secrets of the Swamp, a portrayal of the clandestine Macedonian struggle of the early twentieth century, resonates with oral history from the freedom fighters themselves. Other popular books by Penelope Delta that remain best sellers today include the adventure stories Mangas and Crazy Andonis and an allegory Myth Without a Name. Her Correspondence, Recollections, and Eleftherios Venezelos (a tribute to the Greek statesman), all published posthumously, present rare and revealing accounts of a tumultuous life and times.

About the Translator

A long-time follower of the Greek scene, Ruth Bobick is a freelance writer and translator who has lived and traveled in Greece. From New England, she has worked as a researcher, librarian, and teacher, and assisted in an Arts and Society program at the University of New Hampshire. Currently she is translating Penelope Delta’s Secrets of the Swamp.

Also translated by Ruth Bobick: Secrets of the Swamp, Penelope Delta

Ordering Information

ISBN 1-931807-52-3, 349 pages, 6x9 hardcover, maps and illustrations, Young Adult / Historical Fiction, $18.95
Available from National Book Network

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