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A No Life Story

By Bill Pagum

This tale is a humorous feast for the mind. Readers from all walks of life give equal praise to this wonderful new novelóan excellent addition to contemporary literature. A No Life Story offers an entertaining, inspiring and informative insiderís account of the struggles of off-beat characters in small town New England. The narrator, Bob OíNeil, is eccentric, unforgettable, and an inspiration to those who seek to rebuild their lives.

Praise for A No Life Story

"Bill Pagum has given us a lesson in sweet ticklish ever trudging-onward reality. And this story of the life of Bob O'Neil is lyrical, with the rhythm of a big, kindly, cautious, tenacious heartbeat. Indeed, this is a BIG LIFE but one not marked with fanfare, for fanfare is for the few. Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! for the few. Boom pause Boom pause Boom pause Boom pause for the truly wonderful Bob O'Neil."
Carolyn Chute, author of The Beans of Egypt, Maine

"Bill Pagum's book is terse, spare, gotcha! His book pulls you keep your ears and eyes open for this witty, knowing spin. How wonderful to watch a 'no life' end up whistling."
Doris "Granny D" Haddock, author, activist, and candidate for US Senate

"Full of understanding and enjoyment. A great read!"
Sue Madden, RN

"Sometimes dark, always poignant, and spirited with dry, intelligent humor, A No Life Story is the story of Bob, a lonely man, who searches for his life's meaning through his experiences of traumatic loss, mental illness and alcoholism. While many people facing circumstances such as these would give up, Bob's deep and unrelenting desire for connection and meaning moves him along a life path that is as eccentric and unbelievable as it is truthful and simply human. Bill Pagum has given us a wonderful story of the saving graces of hope, faith, imagination and perseverance."
Sally Bowden-Schaible, psychotherapist

"Engrossing, witty, compassionate and psychologically telling."
Andrew LeCompte, author of Creating Harmonious Relationships

"A book, which will open your eyes and your heart...Little does one expect, at the outset, how much this narrator will endear himself to you."
Carol Hochstedler, PhD

About the author

Bill Pagum is a writer, game inventor, and environmentalist. He is a graduate of Cornell University, and a former Standard Oil employee. Please visit his web site at to find out more about the novel and upcoming play, as well as his work on sustainability and substance abuse prevention. Bill lives a full life in southern coastal Maine.

$15.00, paper, 6" x 9", 258 pgs, ISBN: 1-931807-33-7

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