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Blue Damsels

Blue Damsels

Poems by Steven Luria Ablon

About the Author

Steven Luria Ablon, poet and psychoanalyst, teaches child psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and publishes widely in academic journals. His poems have appeared in anthologies and magazines including "The Brooklyn Review", "Ploughshares", "The Princeton Arts Review". His previous collections of poetry are Tornado Weather and Flying Over Tasmania. He lives with his wife, Gridth, in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.

Praise for Blue Damsels

Steven Ablon has given us a wealth of pleasure in Blue Damsels. He brings a painterly eye to the natural world and is a keen and practiced observer of people. This book carries the weight and plenitude of a life fully lived and savored. He chooses his words with care and brings an appealing reticence to his poems, which are by turns epicurean, erotic and elegiac. -- Richard Tillinghast

Steven Ablon's poems are intensely and attentively quiet, like the solitary fisherman we meet in some of them. They teach you to listen carefully because you may suddenly hear something important happen, and of course, over and over, poem after poem, you do: the voice of some hidden creature that sounds suspiciously like your own heart's yearning. -- Richard Hoffman

With precision and grace, Steven Ablon shows us a world: rivers and woods, cafes of longing, the family table. He explores the details of lust, of joy and sorrow, even anger. Always his eye is on the particular, especially the creatures of the natural world. "I cannot save them all," he laments in one poem. But he does. He captures a man's life to witness and bear. -- Wendy Mnookin

Sample poem from the collection


I poled a skiff
that left no wake,
conspired with eternity,
when a hundred cormorants
flew at me, relentless, a straight
black India-ink line.
They parted, tintinnabulations
around my boat, water
a polished russet mirror,
sun, a wheel in air.
I was alone in this world.

$16, 6" x9", paper, 88 pgs, ISBN 1-931807-38-8

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