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Primary Politics

By Charles Brereton

Primary Politics


Although the counting of the votes in every New Hampshire presidential primary is a simple matter, for the visiting press it is often a far different story, for time and again the media are frequently at a loss to explain not only what has happened in the nation's first direct vote every quadrennium, but why. Primary Politics by Charles Brereton is a publication that provides an understanding of the premier primary that is second to none.

In three decades of covering and observing this primary, the author has succeeded in providing in this 200-page book a way of blending the past with the present that will prove invaluable to everyone covering the forthcoming primary.

This softcover book provides insights, history, analysis, anecdotes and first-person recollections which will give reporters and others with an interest in the '04 election a better grasp of what is decided in a small state that exerts such a great force on every presidential election.

Primary Politics serves as a guidebook to an antiquated but still functioning electoral event where, believe it or not, candidates still sit down and talk with real voters.

Readers' Comments:

"It may be difficult for some people to swallow, but no one knows more about the New Hampshire primary than Charles Brereton. In Primary Politics, he puts it in historical and political perspective, all from his unique vantage point. His book is educational, informative, and entertaining--and has even made a confirmed New Hampshire primary cynic like me rethink my opinion of the process." -- Jeff Feingold, Editor, New Hampshire Business Review

About the Author

Charles Brereton is a writer who has lived in Concord, New Hampshire since 1970. This is his fourth book on the New Hampshire first-in-the-nation presidential primary.

Nonfiction. $18.00, 6" x 9", 200 pages, paperback, ISBN 0-931807-17-5

Also by this Author: New Hampshire Notables, and First in the Nation.


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