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Reminders of Home
How To Remember Who You Really Are

by David J. Mauriello

David J. Mauriello excerpts from plays by David J. Mauriello:

We've all got amnesia. We think this is real, you know, this life. But we forget there's a lot more that's real, invisible to us. --Ace

The secret to the greatest pleasure, to the profoundest joy, is to channel your energy away from the senses into the spirit. --Paul

We always existed. Then, we decided to be people. --Tim

From Reminders of Home:

"This book consists of excerpts from stageplays I have written. I hope they will serve as mnemonic devices to help you remember something you have forgotten; the truth about yourSelf, or what I call your atHOME state.

Imagine that you have a great treasure and you hide it for safe keeping. Then you get amnesia! Wouldn't you welcome someone or something that would show you how to remember where your treasure is? Reminders of Home is a "how to" book. The treasure you will find is inside you, something you may have forgotten, your true, wonderful self.

With deep humility I present these excerpts from my plays and hope they will be Reminders of Home for you. I have provided a brief synopsis of the plays to set the context for the dialogue."

This book is dedicated to the memory of Mr. F. Gary Newton, founder and artistic director of the Player's Ring in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Productions at the Players' Ring directed by F. Gary Newton include:

BODY -- phenomenally well-crafted script. - Rockingham County News

A PASSAGE OF TIME -- sheer class, - Portsmouth Herald.

an insightful look into family relationships. - Foster's Daily Democrat

Author/playwright David J. Mauriello has seen his plays produced in Boston, MA, Portsmouth, NH, New York, NY, and California. He is a member of The Dramatists Guild of America, Inc.

Nonfiction. Inspirational. $16.95, ISBN 0-9716853-0-4
81 pages, 3 line drawings, hardcover, 5.5" x 8.5"

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