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The Infinite in Act:
A Treatise on the Founding Principle of the Physical Body Endowed with Continuous Motion

by Ion G. Soteropoulos

A revolution in thought and in the foundation of the physical universe

The Infinite in Act is a treatise on the nature of physical reality, human perception and the problem of continuous motion. Beginning with Aristotle's interpretations of the ancient Greek philosopher Zeno's arguments, Soteropoulos engages Aristotle's analytic logic to uncover the inherent contradictions in his discussions of infinity and motion. Claiming that the analytical nature of empirical science cannot help us comprehend the indeterminate nature of physical reality, Soteropoulos suggests we replace empirical, analytical principles with synthetic logic, which she defines as principles which admit contrary (equal and opposite) elements, and therefore generate freedom from time and sense. "In fact, nothing in the perfectly uniform and just universe is one thing rather than another," she writes, "and this is what constitutes the infinite nature of the timeless, externally causeless, and therefore self-caused physical universe."

The Infinite in Act is a complex, deeply creative work that evolved over the course of 25 years, and that draws on philosophy, metaphysics, and mathematics. It is the first publication sponsored by the Apeiron Centre, which is located in Paris. The Centre's mission is to study the impact of the idea of infinity on the finite, and how such an idea influences science, philosophy, ethics, art and society. The Infinite Act is the theoretical foundation upon which the Apeiron Centre is built.

Publication Date: May 2008
ISBN13: 978-1-931807-62-3, $20.00, 264 pgs, paper, index, 5.5"x8", Cosmology/Philosophy

Media inquiries please contact: Ion Soteropoulos, Apeiron Centre, 45 Av du Paris, 75014 E-mail: - Tel/fax: 33(0)14 3 22 57 22 (Paris)

About the Author

Ion G. Soteropoulos is an independent research philosopher and scientific metaphysician of Hellenic origin, who studied social sciences and philosophy at the University of Paris. For the past 25 years, the author had undertaken independent research and meditation on the nature of the physical body endowed with continuous motion and numbered by the real 1; on the problems created by our analytic, particular perception of the physical body and their necessary solution and on the sense of human endeavor and the limits of our accelerating growth.

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