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NH's General John StarkNew Hampshire's General John Stark:
Live Free or Die: Death is Not the Worst of Evils

by Clifton LaBree

John Stark served with the famous Rogers’ Rangers during the French and Indian War, where he honed the leadership skills that placed him among the most successful military commanders of that conflict and the ensuing Revolutionary War. His extraordinary performance at Bunker Hill, the siege of Boston, the battles of Trenton, Bennington, and Saratoga, and as commander of the Northern Department, has gone relatively unheralded. He was a legendary hero, a true Cincinnatus, who embodies the values that made our country great, and is worthy of our respect and admiration.

Author's comment:

I have written this fresh look at General Stark because I believe that his contributions to our national legacy are underappreciated. I’ve attempted to tell Stark’s story within the time frame it took place so that the readers can appreciate and be grateful for his sacrifices. He is not only a national hero responsible for helping to win our nation’s independence on the field of battle: he also uniquely represents New Hampshire’s spirit of self-reliance, independence, and love of country, which still defines the people of our state.

About the Author

Clifton La Bree is a forestry graduate of the University of New Hampshire and is a long-time resident of the state. He worked two years as a county forester for the University Extension Service, two years as a supervisor for the New York State College of Forestry at Syracuse, and many years as a private consulting forester. Long a student of military his­tory, he is the author of The Gentle Warrior, ­General Oliver Prince Smith, USMC, Ret., and now works as a freelance writer.

ISBN: 1-9746450-0-1, $25.00 History / Biography, 270 pages, 6x9 Hardcover, illustrated, with index.

Ordering Information

Please contact: Fading Shadows Imprint, 126 Wilson Hill Rd., New Boston, NH 03070 to order.

or Order on the author's Web site

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