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Laughing on the InsideLaughing on the Inside
The Life and Crimes of Felon O’Reilly
As told to Sandie Webb

by Felon O'Reilly

All of this really happened.We see a man who has been so deeply involved in crime and substance abuse that it is a miracle he is alive and not locked up somewhere, who has become a source of hope and inspiration. Not because today he is a hero or a saint, but because today he can be honest and real. This is why people listen to his story. You won’t be able to put this book down.

Felon O’Reilly, stand-up comic & public speaker, has not always been interested in reaching out to others. This is revealed in this gritty and real memoir. Felon exposes the behavior and thinking that led up to his career in crime and his struggle with addiction to drugs and alcohol. He points out that it is not just the substances that are addictive, but behaviors, which alter our consciousness.

O’Reilly has been heard to say: “A prison counselor once told me if I stopped putting drugs and booze into my system, I would find out what it is I really love to do in life. And that is exactly what happened. The problem is, I found out what I really loved to do is steal shit.”

As told to her by Felon, author Sandie Webb puts together some of the events and insights that highlight his journey. We are taken through his life of crime and drugs through the streets and penitentiaries.

About the Author

Sandie Webb is a freelance writer from Atlanta, Georgia, who followed her dreams to Portland, Maine, in 2001. Laughing on the Inside is her first book.

Felon currently lives in South Portland, Maine. He reaches out to others with his message of hope and recovery through performing in high schools, prisons, treatment centers, and anywhere there is a need.

Ordering Information


ISBN: 1-931807-58-2, $14.95 Memoir, 260 pages, Tradepaper.

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