Book Talk Jan. 2013   

tips for making great books

Happy New Year and welcome to Book Talk!

I hope the beginning of 2013 brings fresh energy to your ongoing projects and great ideas for new ones.  

Sharing Publishing Knowledge 

I'm pleased to announce our plan this year to provide you with monthly tips on various aspects of writing and publishing. I invite you to email us at to suggest topics or submit questions. We enjoy sharing what we've learned with authors and groups planning to publish. I hope you enjoy the new "Book Talk" e-newsletter.

Tip: It's valuable to have thoughtful readers you can trust review your manuscript as it's progressing. This is an essential step to take before submitting your work to a publisher and one that many authors skip. Other writers, researchers or historians can be excellent resources for manuscript review. Consider joining a writing group and seek other writers through your local historical society, bookstore, public library or state writers organization. In New Hampshire the New Hampshire Writers' Project supports the writing community through workshops, webinars, a newsletter and Writers' Night Out events.

Best wishes,

Deidre Randall, CEO

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